Private Insurance

Private Insurance at a glance

Exemption from succesion tax
Non-distrainability and non-sequestration
Tax efficiency
High customization
Flexibility during the life of the contract
Free choice and modification of beneficiaries

Market trend

31/03/2020 118 mld €
30/06/2020 196 mld €
30/09/2020 201 mld €
31/12/2020 211 mld €
31/03/2021 218 mld €

In Q1 2021, financial policies in Private portfolios reached a value of € 218 billion, with a significant growth in multi-branch products and branch III products.

Guarantee fund (i.e. gestioni separate)

Unit and Index Linked policies

Multi-vehicle policies (i.e. contracts resulting from a combination of Guarantee and Unit Linked funds)

So-called «Ramo V» (i.e. policies with capitalization of financial assets) and further insurance products

0 BN €

Intermediate masses


Insurance companies


Distribution Partners